(2017.10.05) MONETA AUREA 50 EURO - 2017

(2017.10.05) MONETA AUREA 50 EURO - 2017


The three year cycle celebrating the Pontifical Delegations ends with the issue of the 20 and 50 euro gold coins dedicated to the Basilica of Saint Anthony of Padua.The 20 euro gold coin by the artist Mariangela Crisciotti draws on a classical image of Saint Anthony appearing as a young religious with Child Jesus in his arms and a lily in his hand. The habit recalls his belonging to the Franciscan order, while the Child Jesus brings to mind the vision that occurred at Camposampiero expressing his devotion to the humanity of Christ and at the same time his intimacy with God. The lily represents his purity and struggle against the devil from his infancy. The 50 euro gold coin with work by Patrizio Daniele features the facade of the Basilica, one of the greatest masterpieces of art in the world. The construction of the church began shortly after the death of the Saint in 1232 with the purpose of welcoming the pilgrims who immediately came to at the place where his mortal remains rested. In its entirety, the majestic building shows a strong influence from St. Mark's Basilica in Venice, but the massive and imposing structures are purely Romanesque, while the tall apse with its nine chapels with rays are uniquely Gothic in style. These different and contrasting features are merged into an entirely original structure, which at first sight distinguishes the Basilica from any other place of worship of the medieval period.td>


Data sheet

Au 917/1000
Legal weight
15 g
Max. total printing
28 mm
Nominal values
Euro 50
P. Daniele
L. De Simoni
IPZS (Italia)
Euro 824,00

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